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I’m Elaine, I am an artist that specializes in 3D animation and graphic design. Through my experience, I have worked with various companies where I had to quickly learn new software. Being in small teams, I also got to collaborate with people from different departments. I am always enthusiastic to work and complete a project with my teammates or on my own.

I've always been mesmerized by the magic of bringing life to something that was once "dead" - whether it's a drawing or a model. Seeing my animations evolve and come to life never gets old. It would be amazing to work that kind of magic on our animations!



  • Knowledge of creating 2D animations with in digital software such as TV Paint and Adobe After Effects. 

  • Ability to animate lively 3D characters with different personalities using Maya.

  • Adaptable on understanding and implementing new art styles. 

3D Generalist

  • Crafted 3D models in Maya and textured models in Substance Painter.

  • Ability to build 3D models and enviroments based from concept art.

  • Experience of lighting 3D enviornments in Maya using Vray.

Collaboration & Communication

  • Strive to achieve clear communication with colleagues and clients.

  • Adaptable in both independent and team work environments. 

  • Experience with multiple project management tools that encourages team collaboration to deliver projects on time. 


Los Angeles, CA




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